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“Mrinalini Godbole's tips to quick-fix your interiors for festival. Property Plus-March 2007 ”

First things first.Giving the house a clean look is very important. It may task a few hours ,but an intense session for the interiors with a broom and dustec  will do half the job for you. Do not leave anythings undone be it the curtains ,sofas ,fans.

       Get all leakages and faulty electrical fittings fixed . Avoid learning any corner dark or grimy . “Getting the house utilities functional will also save you time during work days in the future “,says Varsha Ahuja ,a homeworker, from Ulhasnagar.

               To give your rooms a new look, try a few stained glass artifacts and paintings for the walls. “The contrasting colours on a glass base make for more space in the interiors designer.

        To add a glittering hue to your home try new lampshapes .”While a floor lamp adds dimensions to the room ,designer tables roof  lamps brighten up the aura in the multiples hues,” explains the designe. the astonishing variety from paper scrap to stained glass ,available at the stores comes ata range of prices,starting at Rs 100.

            Change the tapestry. To add sparkle to the festival ,one need’nt get the entire household redone . Instead ,bring home bright and inexpensive furnishings and festival merchandise from various home stores . The ready to hook curtains in vogue are easily available .

         The markets this years are flooded with multiple ‘diya ‘ holders that can be placed inside the house or at the doors . The traditional ‘diya’ lightning complements the trendy designs of the holders ,available in the decorated day and wrought iron. The brightness of the room is further enhanced by this combination.

               Get plants insidethe house. Making acorner for plants should’nt  be difficult and they will add to the exuberance of your home.

         Don’t miss out on the essential potpourni and floating floral candles that make your interiors aromatics and colourful .Aroma adds to the ambience of your homes and makes the overall atmosphere of the house pleasant.

        If the walls are not painted and are stained, try the wallpaper . Papering takes les than three hours and brightness the décor for a fering this service at reasonable rates , festivals offers and jet speeds ,it will definetly help give your house a makeover.

          End it all with a bright ‘rangoli’ at home. This traditional décor tool has now become uncommon but stands as an ideal source of a colourful welcome for the new year. Those who have never made a ‘rangoli’ need’nt fret-get your-self a ‘rangoli colour and stencil kit which is easily available nowadays. You can also use ‘rangoli’ stickers that stay a lot longer