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  • Architectural Working Drawings
    Conceptual drawings
    Schematic diagrams for understanding of contours and services
    Basic drawing set for understanding entire scheme ( elevations, sections)
    Drawings for submission to local bodies for sanctioning
    Center-line drawings
    Working drawings with (Electrical /structural /services) incorporated
    Working sections and details
    Details of lmr/oht
    Finishing details
    Interior details of rooms, lobbies and specifications
    External details /paving/ entrance gateways
  • Architectural and Construction Documentation
    Step 1. Receiving sketches / paper drawings / Reference drawings
                 Receiving information details.Receiving tentative time schedule. Drawings can be received in
                 formats like TIFF, JPG, PDF. Paper drawings
                 Sketches can be courier to our office or / E-mailed / Faxed to us.

    Step 2. Communication Channels can be via E-mail / Phone / SMS on Cell phone / Fax
                 & Proper record to be kept.

    Step 3. Scanning facility available scanner : HP scanjet2400, scanning capacity 1,200 DPI.

    Step 4. Analysis : With respect to listing no. of drawings to be made.
                 With respect to counter checking of done work for correction.
                 With respect to communication & feedback time.
                 With respect to organizing time schedule / work schedule / fund flow chart.

    Step 5. Drafting: Finalizing layers per drawing & establishing control of check prints & releasing drawings
                 for execution. Architectural floor plans, incorporating & coordinating structural drawings,
                 layout planning, incorporating services drainage, water supply,electrical, HVAC drawings,
                 elevations, sections, details.

    Step 6. Bill of quantities: Remove in BOQs of structures for Tendering & contractor costing & for
                 material supply

    Step 7. Backup & Index : Maintaining backups on CD for proper record. Project data cab be
                 accessed easily on need. Making a proper index & nomenclature for accurate recording &
                 knowledge management.

    Step 8. Outsourcing & customer relation: Proper interaction, Program management,Maximizing
                 customer benefits & creating long term work relationships.
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